Medicare Claims versus Interstate Migration

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Medicare Claims, 2007

Click on a state to see how many people migrated to that state between 2007 and 2008 and where they came from on an additional map below.

Migration to State, 2007-2008

This demo traces population migration in contrast to Medicare claims.
The top map shows a distribution of Medicare claims within the United States for 2007. Clicking on a state will bring up a map underneath showing the amount of people who migrated to that state from the various other states between 2007 and 2008.

Interesting Conclusions:
Florida has a high number of Medicare claims and also has one of the highest in-flow of the other states. As a result, it becomes a sinkhole of migration causing an increasing number of Medicare claims.

Supporting News Articles:
The Miami Hearald - 2 plead guilty to $21 million health care scheme
Sunshine State News - A Glimpse into Florida's Economic Future

Datasets Used:
Dataset 1148 - 2007-2008 State-to-State Migration Inflow
Dataset 1623 - OMH Claims Listed by State

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Demo Created By: Peter Coons