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  • name: ANN: Demos for data

Our recent work on demos has explored several technologies for making use of and displaying data:

  • SparqlProxy- integrate distributed data on the fly, and support declarative data conversion between query results and the input format required by user interaction APIs
  • Google Visualization API - support display of maps, charts, timelines, etc.
  • MIT Exhibit - support faceted browsing and synchronized view manipulation via javascript.

Our current work has achieved four categories of demos:

To find more demos, please go to the demos page.

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Dcterms:created7 August 2009  +
Dcterms:creatorLi Ding  +, Dominic DiFranzo  +, Sarah Magidson  +, and Jim Hendler  +
Dcterms:descriptionWe have recently developed a number of demos analyzing and visualizing datasets.
Dcterms:modified2010-4-2  +
Foaf:nameANN: Demos for data
Skos:altLabelANN: Demos for data  +, ann: demos for data  +, and ANN: DEMOS FOR DATA.GOV DATA  +
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