ANN: TWC data-gov challenge (Jan 2010)

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  • name: ANN: TWC data-gov challenge (Jan 2010)

Facts about ANN: TWC data-gov challenge (Jan 2010)RDF feed
Dcterms:created22 January 2010  +
Dcterms:creatorJim Hendler  +
Dcterms:descriptionJim Hendler will give 100 twc-points for interesting demos on (i) connecting US datasets and UK data datasets and (ii) connecting US datasets and NTY linked dataset
Dcterms:modified2010-1-22  +
Foaf:nameANN: TWC data-gov challenge (Jan 2010)
Skos:altLabelANN: TWC data-gov challenge (Jan 2010)  +, ann: twc data-gov challenge (jan 2010)  +, and ANN: TWC DATA-GOV CHALLENGE (JAN 2010)  +
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