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  • name: ANN: Upcoming Data-gov Hackathon 2009

Following the invitation from Sunlight Labs to host an event related to increase the use of government data, Tetherless World Constellation will host a Semantic Hackathon during Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of December 2009. You can participate helping us or bringing your own idea. You can download the flyer File:SemanticHackathon2009.pdf. For more details, please go to Data-gov Hackathon '09.

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Dcterms:created29 November 2009  +
Dcterms:creatorAlvaro Graves  +, Dominic DiFranzo  +, Li Ding  +, and James Hendler  +
Dcterms:descriptionThe Tetherless World Constellation will host a Government Data Hackathon on December 12th~13th 2009.
Dcterms:modified2009-12-11  +  +
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Foaf:nameANN: Upcoming Data-gov Hackathon 2009
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Skos:altLabelANN: Upcoming Data-gov Hackathon 2009  +, ann: upcoming data-gov hackathon 2009  +, and ANN: UPCOMING DATA-GOV HACKATHON 2009  +
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