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Sometimes the CSV access point leads to another website. There are several kinds of websites that we have discovered datasets link to:

  • Websites or FTP directories containing links to download the data and/or metadata.
  • Interactive websites that allow the user to retrieve the data and often look at it in a human-friendly format. See Hiding data files behind a user interface.
  • Websites that just don't seem to have much connection to data at all.

This makes automated conversion difficult because downloading HTML is not helpful for obtaining data. In general, access points for raw datasets should point directly to data files, not websites.


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  • data.gov link leads to an html file that contains the data (e.g. Dataset 37)
  • data.gov link leads to an html file that has a link to the data file (e.g. Dataset 1450)
  • data.gov link leads to an html file that requires user interaction to obtain the data file (e.g. http://www.data.gov/tools/990/)
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