CSV access points to non-CSV data files

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  • name: CSV access points to non-CSV data files

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CSV access points to non-CSV data files


Some of the datasets are report having data in CSV format. When one follows the CSV/TXT access point, however, it leads to a ZIP that does not actually contain CSV files. We have seen XLS and MDB files coming from supposed CSV access points, as well as some stranger file formats, such as sas7bdat and NC (NetCDF).

When data files are not in CSV format, and especially when they are not even CSV files, they should not be pointed to as CSV files.


  • Dataset 1234 points to a ZIP which contains an MDB file.
  • Dataset 1592 points straight to an XLS file.
  • According to the documentation included in the ZIP from Dataset 1516, the data is stored in the sas7bdat files, and the metadata in the sas7bcat files. These are not commonly used filetypes. More normal filetypes would be significantly helpful.
  • Dataset 1621 points to an FTP directory. In the data folder are a bunch of GZIPS of NetCDF files, which have file extension ".nc". A more commonly-used data representation would be helpful here.
  • Dataset 1497 uses a ZIP which contains a whole bunch of files of miscellaneous types, as well as subdirectories. None of the files are CSV, or even TXT. The data seems to be stored in a number of XLS files.

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