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  • name: Data-gov Wiki -Towards Linking Government Data

Facts about Data-gov Wiki -Towards Linking Government DataRDF feed
Dcterms:created22 March 2010  +
Dcterms:creatorLi Ding  +, Dominic DiFranzo  +, Alvaro Graves  +, James R. Michaelis  +, Xian Li  +, Deborah L. McGuinness  +, and Jim Hendler  +
Dcterms:descriptionAn introduction to data-gov study at Tetherless World Constellation, and explaining how government data got linked
Dcterms:modified2010-3-29  +
Foaf:homepage  +
Foaf:nameData-gov Wiki -Towards Linking Government Data
Skos:altLabelData-gov Wiki -Towards Linking Government Data  +, data-gov wiki -towards linking government data  +, and DATA-GOV WIKI -TOWARDS LINKING GOVERNMENT DATA  +
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