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  • Title: Wilefire News
  • Publisher: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Description: News related Wildland Fire fighting, prevention and budgeting.
  • Keywords: budget, wildfire
  • Homepage:
  • Source:
  • Parent Dataset:
RDF data
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  • name: Wilefire News 15 1


We maintain an user contributed RSS Feed (also in RDF/XML format) - Wildfire News RSS

How to add news

1. go to #News Items section, and create a link to a new wiki page. The title of new page should use recommended prefix

 WildfireNews - YOUR TITLE HERE

2. fill the following semantic content in the new page.

* source: [[dcterms:source::]]
* date: [[dcterms:date::2009/06/30]]
* title: [[dcterms:title::$5 Billion Plus Approved for 2010 Government Wildland Fire Fighting]]
[[Category:Wildfire News Item]]

News Items

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