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Facts about Dataset 1154RDF feed
92/agencyDepartment of Veterans Affairs  +
92/agency program page  +
92/applicable agency information quality guideline designationVA  +
92/categoryFederal Government Finances and Employment  +
92/csv txt access point  +
92/csv txt file size266K  +
92/data collection instrument
92/data dictionary variable list  +
92/data gov data category typeRaw Data Catalog  +
92/data quality certificationYes  +
92/date released4/1/2009  +
92/date updated4/1/2009  +
92/descriptionwarning.png"The Geographic Distribution of VA Expenditures (GDX) is an annual report that shows estimated VA expenditures for major programmatic areas by geographic area (state, county, and congressional district). The major programmatic areas are: Compensation and Pension; Readjustment (Education) and Vocational Rehabilitation; Insurance; Construction; and, Medical and Administrative." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
92/frequencyAnnual  +
92/geographic coverageUnited States + Puerto Rico  +
92/granularityCounty  +
92/keywordsVeteran, Expenditure
92/privacy and confidentialityYes  +
92/specialized data category designationAdministrative
92/technical documentation
92/time periodFY08
92/titleVeterans Affairs Geographic Distribution of Expenses FY08 by State and County  +
92/unique id1154  +
92/unit of analysisState, County
92/url  +
Datagov id1154  +
Dc:identifierdgtwc1154  +
Dcterms:identifierdgtwc1154, and datagov1154
Dcterms:publisherDepartment of Veterans Affairs  +
Dcterms:relationURLSHA1/fc58ade23810dbd59d0273e816b70e6db61edfb4  +
Dcterms:sourceHttp://  +
Dcterms:subjectVeteran  +, and Expenditure  +
Dgtwc:complete data  +, and  +
Dgtwc:linked data entry point  +
Dgtwc:number of entries3,143  +
Dgtwc:number of properties12  +
Dgtwc:number of triples40,654  +
Dgtwc:uses property1150/insurance indemnities  +, 1150/education vocational rehabilitation employment  +, 1150/compensation pensions  +, 1150/county  +, 1150/construction  +, 1150/unique patients  +, 1150/veteran population  +, 1150/total expenditure  +, 1150/medical care  +, 1150/loan guaranty  +, 1150/general operating expenses  +, and 1150/state  +
Dgtwc id1154  +
Foaf:nameVeterans Affairs Geographic Distribution of Expenses FY08 by State and County
Rdfs:seeAlso  +
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