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Facts about Dataset 1200RDF feed
92/agencyDepartment of State  +
92/applicable agency information quality guideline designationDepartment of State
92/categoryOther  +
92/collection modecomputer
92/csv txt file size1998K  +
92/data collection instrumentComputer  +
92/data dictionary variable listConflict, border, sub-national, nationwide, transnational, armed, locations  +
92/data gov data category typeRaw Data Catalog  +
92/data quality certificationYes  +
92/date released01-Dec-2007  +
92/date updated01-Sep-2009  +
92/descriptionwarning.png"Conflicts Without Borders, which visualizes conflict in Africa as sub-national and transnational areas of armed conflict, inter-communal strife, and political violence that occurred in the first seven months of 2009. Areas of conflict were drawn around locations of reported conflict incidents in 2009, as well as around concentrations of internally displaced persons inside affected countries and cross-border rebel bases and refugee camps in neighboring countries." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
92/frequencysemi-annual  +
92/geographic coverageAfrica
92/granularitysub-national and transnational  +
92/keywordsAfrica, armed conflict, inter-communal strife, political violence, piracy incidents, taregted attacks, refugees, displaced
92/privacy and confidentialityYes  +
92/specialized data category designationOther
92/time periodyears
92/titleAfrica: Conflicts Without Borders 2009  +
92/unique id1200  +
92/unit of analysisnews updates
92/url  +
Datagov id1200  +
Dc:identifierdgtwc1200  +
Dcterms:identifierdgtwc1200, and datagov1200
Dcterms:publisherDepartment of State  +
Dcterms:relationURLSHA1/ee82a9bc2e24bcdea02842503567f68f5395d6c9  +
Dcterms:source  +
Dcterms:subjectAfrica  +, armed conflict  +, inter-communal strife  +, political violence  +, piracy incidents  +, taregted attacks  +, refugees  +, and displaced  +
Dgtwc:complete data  +
Dgtwc:link data  +
Dgtwc:linked data entry point  +
Dgtwc:number of entries59  +
Dgtwc:number of properties12  +
Dgtwc:number of triples411  +
Dgtwc:uses property1200/type of conflict  +, 1200/location  +, 1200/number  +, 1200/num2008  +, 1200/definition  +, 1200/start date  +, 1200/severity indicators  +, 1200/color code  +, 1200/background  +, 1200/conflict type  +, 1200/end date  +, and 1200/source of definition  +
Dgtwc id1200  +
Foaf:nameAfrica: Conflicts Without Borders 2009
Rdfs:seeAlso  +
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