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Facts about Dataset 1258RDF feed
92/agencyDepartment of Housing and Urban Development  +
92/agency data series page  +
92/agency program page  +
92/applicable agency information quality guideline designationOffice of the Assistant\nSecretary for Administration/Chief\nInformation Officer, HUD  +
92/categoryConstruction and Housing  +
92/collection modeOn-site physical inspection, web upload
92/csv txt access point  +
92/csv txt file size18.3 MB  +
92/data collection instrument
92/data dictionary variable list  +
92/data gov data category typeRaw Data Catalog  +
92/data quality certificationYes  +
92/date released12/4/2009  +
92/date updated12/4/2009  +
92/descriptionwarning.png"HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center conducts physical inspections of properties that are owned, insured or subsidized by HUD, including public housing and multifamily assisted housing. About 20,000 such inspections are conducted each year to ensure that assisted families have housing that is decent, safe, sanitary and in good repair. The Physical Inspection Scores datasets provide a full historical view of the results of those inspections, providing point-in-time property scores. Results are available for download as a comma-delimited dataset. Separate datasets are available for public housing and for multifamily assisted properties. The results represent the inspections conducted from 2001 through September 2009. The datasets include property identifiers and location information." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
92/frequencyDaily  +
92/geographic coverageNational, state  +
92/granularitylongitude/latitude  +
92/keywordsHUD, Public Housing, Multifamily Housing, PHA, physical inspection, property assessment scores, housing quality
92/privacy and confidentialityYes  +
92/specialized data category designationAdministrative
92/technical documentation
92/time periodAnnual
92/titlePublic Housing Physical Inspection Scores  +
92/unique id1258  +
92/unit of analysisDefect
92/url  +
Datagov id1258  +
Dc:identifierdgtwc1258  +
Dcterms:identifierdgtwc1258, and datagov1258
Dcterms:publisherDepartment of Housing and Urban Development  +
Dcterms:relationURLSHA1/2c3e5c15fbbf7fda9130d23307d6a7480d45009a  +
Dcterms:source  +
Dcterms:subjectHUD  +, Public Housing  +, Multifamily Housing  +, PHA  +, physical inspection  +, property assessment scores  +, and housing quality  +
Dgtwc:complete data  +
Dgtwc:link data  +
Dgtwc:linked data entry point  +
Dgtwc:number of entries72,515  +
Dgtwc:number of properties17  +
Dgtwc:number of triples1,278,872  +
Dgtwc:uses property1258/address  +, 1258/city  +, 1258/inspection score  +, 1258/zip  +, 1258/property id  +, 1258/cbsa code  +, 1258/property name  +, 1258/pha code  +, 1258/county name  +, 1258/cbsa name  +, 1258/inspection date  +, 1258/state code  +, 1258/latitude  +, 1258/pha name  +, 1258/longitude  +, 1258/county code  +, and 1258/state name  +
Dgtwc id1258  +
Foaf:namePublic Housing Physical Inspection Scores
Rdfs:seeAlso  +
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