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Facts about Dataset 37RDF feed
92/agencyDepartment of the Interior  +
92/agency program page  +
92/applicable agency information quality guideline designationUS Bureau of Reclamation
92/categoryGeography and Environment  +
92/collection modeRemote Sensing
92/csv txt access point  +
92/csv txt file size12KB  +
92/data collection instrumentRiver Gauges
92/data gov data category typeRaw Data Catalog  +
92/data quality certificationYes  +
92/descriptionStreamflow and reservoir storage data supplied from multiple sites on the Lower Colorado River.
92/frequencydaily  +
92/geographic coverageLower Colorado River
92/granularityCFS  +
92/keywordsStream, streamflow, reservoir, storage, Colorado River, federal datasets, federal data download, environment, rivers, water, surface water, River Gauges, Lower Colorado River, elevation, release
92/privacy and confidentialityYes  +
92/specialized data category designationSurveillance
92/subagencyUS Bureau of Reclamation  +
92/time period1 week
92/titleLower Colorado River Daily Average Water Elevations and Releases  +
92/unique id37  +
92/unit of analysisCFS
92/url  +
Datagov id37  +
Dc:identifierdgtwc37  +
Dcterms:identifierDgtwc37  +, and Datagov37  +
Dcterms:publisherDepartment of the Interior  +
Dcterms:relationURLSHA1/b94616b10352579dec94bf320bb1ada187bcff56  +
Dcterms:source  +
Dcterms:subjectStream  +, streamflow  +, reservoir  +, storage  +, Colorado River  +, federal datasets  +, federal data download  +, environment  +, rivers  +, water  +, surface water  +, River Gauges  +, Lower Colorado River  +, elevation  +, and release  +
Dgtwc:linked data entry point  +
Dgtwc id37  +
Foaf:nameLower Colorado River Daily Average Water Elevations and Releases
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