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  • name: Demo: Agency Budget Summary

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interesting observations

This uses SPARQL to combine data from dataset 401, dataset 402, dataset 401 and dataset 92 which show the budget authority (money allocated by Congress), outlays (actual expenses), recipient by various government accounts from 1976 to 2014, respectively (values from the present to 2014 are projected). This visualization shows budget authority and outlays for the selected agency, with each line labeled according to its source data file.

Technology highlights

A SPARQL query can get the name of a dataset from Dataset 92 (Executive Office of the President):

PREFIX dgp92:  <>
PREFIX dgp401: <>
PREFIX dc:     <>

SELECT distinct ?graph ?title ?url
  GRAPH ?graph {	
         ?s     dc:source          ?source .
         ?entry dgp401:bureau_name "National Science Foundataion" .
  GRAPH <> {
         ?aa dgp92:csv_txt_access_point ?source;
             dgp92:title                ?title;
             dgp92:url                  ?url .
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