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  • name: Demo: Interactive Government Receipts Timeline

  • description: Timelines for comparing government agencies' account earnings from 1962 to 2014
  • creator(s): Sarah Magidson
  • created: Aug 1,2009
  • modified: 2010-4-15

live demo here

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Interesting Observations

The user chooses one or more government account names from a checklist (see Figure 1), and the application will display a timeline of their earnings from 1962 to the present and projected values through 2014 (see Figure about). The data and the accounts on the checklist come from dataset 403, published by the Office of Management and Budget.

Figure 1. The checklist of accounts, the first thing that appears in this demo.

Potential uses of this app include (but of course are not limited to) seeing how much revenue a particular tax or program is generating, how effective it has been over time, comparing programs, or seeing how much money certain government-funded foundations have received.

Technology Highlights

  • The checklist is created through a combination of HTML forms and PHP.
  • When the form is submitted, a SPARQL query is generated using PHP (the outline of which you can see here).
  • The data is run through the Tech: RDF-Google Visualization
  • Some PHP is also used to list what accounts you have chosen.
Facts about Demo: Interactive Government Receipts TimelineRDF feed
Data sourceDataset 403  +
Dcterms:created1 August 2009  +
Dcterms:creatorSarah Magidson  +
Dcterms:descriptionTimelines for comparing government agencies' account earnings from 1962 to 2014
Foaf:depiction  +
Foaf:nameDemo: Interactive Government Receipts Timeline
Image403tline.png  +
Live demo  +
Skos:altLabelDemo: Interactive Government Receipts Timeline  +, demo: interactive government receipts timeline  +, and DEMO: INTERACTIVE GOVERNMENT RECEIPTS TIMELINE  +
Technology usedRDF  +, SPARQL  +, SparqlProxy  +, Google Visualization API  +, PHP  +, and Tech: RDF-Google Visualization  +
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