Demo: Public Housing Stimulus Funds versus Section 8 Units by State, 2009

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  • name: Public Housing Stimulus Funds versus Section 8 Units by State, 2009

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This demo takes fund allocation data for public housing as granted by the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and compares it to the number of section 8 public housing units currently established (as reported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development), for each state. The map displays low-income housing awards and number of public housing units as a ratio, normalized by the population of each state. The column charts provide comparisons of the state funding and unit number values to the national averages.

Interesting Observations

Despite having the second largest population in the United States and a large number of section 8 units available, Texas did not receive any low-income housing awards through the 2009 stimulus package. One possibility that may explain this is that Texas may already receive funding from other sources/agencies such that it was not determined necessary to grant public housing funds to Texas through the 2009 stimulus. In the future, it may be interesting to examine whether the poverty level of each state has some effect on these results. Incorporation of more data regarding non-stimulus funding for public housing may also be beneficial.

Florida is also of interest as it had the highest funding-per-unit ratio out of all the states. The state has a very large elderly population, which may factor into this.

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