Demo: State Adjusted Gross Income Versus Medicare Claims (2007)

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  • name: State's Adjusted Gross Income per Medicare Claim

  • description: Compares the adjusted gross income (AGI) of state residents and the number of Medicare claims made within that state by residents in 2007.
  • keyword(s): internet,health
  • creator(s): Peter Coons,Li Ding
  • created: 2010/03/28
  • modified: 2010-5-28

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This map shows a comparison between the amount of adjusted gross income (AGI) earned by state residents and the number of Medicare claims made within that state by residents in 2007. From this visualization, we can see the following observations:

  • darker states, such as Montana, California and Florida, are the states with low average AGI per Medicare claim. California has a very huge AGI, but it also has high Medicare claims far above national average.
  • lighter states, such as Oregon, Wyoming, and Hawaii, are the states with high average AGI per Medicare claim. With fair amount of population, people in these states may be more healthy?
For further investigation, we can read some related News articles

Technology Highlights

Portable Interactive Google Visualization Design

This demo uses Google Visualization API to integrate the following types of charts. This demo is also interactive such that users can see more details about a state when clicking the state on the map. We also notice that currently Google GeoMap has some limitations, e.g. it does not show Washington, D.C. on map.

  • GeoMap
  • Column Chart
  • Table

This demo is highly portable as also code are encoded in a HTML file and the computations are implemented using javascript.

Connect Different State Reference using SPARQL

The SPARQL query leverages several datasets, and different states are connected using our socially maintained US location dataset (also see In particular, state_name1356 and state_name1623 cannot be simply connected because they use different capitalization styles.

PREFIX dgp1356: <>
PREFIX dgp1623: <>
PREFIX dgp353:  <>
PREFIX skos:  <>
SELECT ?state_name1623 ?state_agi07 ?state_medicareclaims07 ?state_population
 graph <>
   ?s dgp1356:county_code "000" .
   ?s dgp1356:year "2007" .
   ?s dgp1356:county_name ?state_name1356 .
   ?s dgp1356:agi ?state_agi07 .
   ?s dgp1356:state_code  ?state_fipscode .
 graph <>
    ?s2 dgp1623:state ?state_name1623 .
    ?s2 dgp1623:fiscal_year_07 ?state_medicareclaims07 .
    ?s3  skos:altLabel  ?state_name1356 . 
    ?s3  skos:altLabel  ?state_name1623 .    
 graph <>
     ?entry dgp353:pub_fips ?state_fipscode .
     ?entry dgp353:popu_st ?state_population. 
order by ?state_name1623
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