Demo: U.S. Residential Energy Consumption by Appliance Type, 2005

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  • name: Demo: U.S. Residential Energy Consumption by Appliance Type, 2005

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Interesting Observations

This demo queries Dataset 59 to get the amount of energy Americans used with various electric appliances, such as freezers, water heaters, and air conditioners. We compute the weighted-sum of energy (KWh -kilowatt-hours as opposed to BTU which was used in the original dataset) consumed by families for each type of use. Following are some interesting observations:

  • It is not clear what "appliances" means in the original dataset, but it is not a sum of the other values. So we assume it refers to "other appliances".
  • The runner-up is "Air Conditioner", indicating that the U.S. uses air conditioning heavily.

Technical Highlights

This demo depends on a TDB triple store to avoid repeatedly reloading the dataset from the Web.

This demo has been evolved to illustrate different approaches to integrate and display the same information from Dataset 59.

This demo used several non-standard SPARQL features which may be included in SPARQL 2.0.

  • We used aggregation function (e.g. "sum", math, "as") to compute the weighted sum. The SPARQL query is:
PREFIX dgp10: <>

SELECT (sum (?nw * ?dryer  /3472) as ?Dryer          )
       (sum (?nw * ?dish   /3472) as ?Dish_Washer    )
       (sum (?nw * ?frz    /3472) as ?Freezer        )
       (sum (?nw * ?rfg    /3472) as ?Refrigerator   )
       (sum (?nw * ?ac     /3472) as ?Air_Conditioner)
       (sum (?nw * ?waterh /3472) as ?Water_Heater   )
       (sum (?nw * ?spaceh /3472) as ?Space_Heater   )
       (sum (?nw * ?appl   /3472) as ?Other_Appliance)
  GRAPH <> {
        ?entry dgp10:btuelcdr ?dryer.
        ?entry dgp10:btueldwh ?dish.
        ?entry dgp10:btuelfzz ?frz.
        ?entry dgp10:btuelrfg ?rfg.
        ?entry dgp10:btuelcol ?ac.
        ?entry dgp10:btuelwth ?waterh.
        ?entry dgp10:btuelsph ?<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>spaceh.
        ?entry dgp10:btuelapl ?appl. 
        ?entry dgp10:nweight  ?nw.


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