Demo: US Global Foreign Aid, 1947-2008

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  • name: Demo: US Global Foreign Aid, 1947-2008

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Technical Highlights

This application presents historical foreign aid data (ranging from 1947 to 2008) from three branches of the US Government: the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Department of Agriculture and the Department of State. Data may be retrieved in one of two ways:

  • 2008 Figures - Here, users may retrieve data for specific countries by clicking on a provided world map (shaded based on total foreign aid received). In turn, two kinds of information are presented:
    • Aid Figures - Here, three pie charts are presented (one for each agency), detailing specific aid categories.
    • CIA World Factbook - Information from a selected country's CIA World Factbook entry.
  • Historical Trends - Here, users may retrieve historical aid records (ranging from 1947 to 2008) for a given country. Upon selecting a country from the provided list, users may generate a timeline of aid data using a corresponding set of aid categories.

The following SPARQL queries are used in this application:

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