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  • name: Demo: US Government Agencies' Contributions at

  • description: This demo shows how many raw datasets have been contributed to by each US government agency.
  • creator(s): Li Ding,Sarah Magidson
  • created: May 11, 2010
  • modified: 2010-5-18

The prior version of this demo is Demo: Agencies' Dataset Contribution on

live demo here

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Interesting Observations

This demo queries the catalog to list all the agencies that submitted data to, then counts the number of datasets each submitted. From the visualization, web users are presented with the following observations:

Technical Highlights

In this demo, SPARQL query results are displayed using various Google Visulization APIs including pie chart, bar chart, line chart and table.

This demo also show the use of aggregation function in SPARQL (we used virtuoso syntax)

#  this query used SPARQL 1.1 feature, and its SELECT clause is customized to virtuoso syntax
#  we only query raw data catalog
PREFIX dgp92:  <>
SELECT  ?agency , count(*) AS ?cnt
 ?entry dgp92:agency ?agency. 
 ?entry dgp92:data_gov_data_category_type "Raw Data Catalog" .
GROUP BY ?agency
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