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  • name: Demo: Worldwide Earthquakes

  • description: warning.png"This demo presents a geographic map of earthquakes around the world within the past seven days (magnitude > 5)." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
  • creator(s): Sarah Magidson
  • created: 2009/07/31
  • modified: 2010-5-19

live demo here

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Interesting Observations

This demo uses Dataset 34 to get the latitude, longitude, magnitude, and location name of earthquakes in the past week. The result is an intensity map of earthquakes worldwide, with bigger and redder spots having higher magnitudes, happened in the past week.

  • some earthquakes happened in the ocean.

Technical Highlights

The visualization used is the geomap.

The data is kept up-to-date thanks to our real-time CSV-to-RDF converter

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