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This wiki currently hosts 41 demos. This page lists 27 demos. Additional demos can be found at Even More Demos and Labs, but these may be under development or out-dated, they remain available for pedagogical purposes.

Note that some demos may have display problems under Internet Explorer.

Demo: Broadband Internet Use versus Total Internet Use - United States Households, 2009

  • Description: This demo shows the percentage of households in each state with broadband out of the total number of households with internet access. This is based on the division of broadband internet use in rural and urban areas as well as dial-up use in rural and urban areas.
  • Live Demo(s): [1]
  • Dataset(s): Dataset 10040
  • Technology Used: RDF,SPARQL,SparqlProxy,Google Visualization API
  • Creator(s): Peter Coons

Demo: Clean Air Status and Trends - Ozone

Demo: Comparing Types of Campaign Money by State

Demo: Comparing US-USAID and UK-DFID Global Foreign Aid

Demo: Estimate Correlations between Smoking Rate, Cigarette Tax and Beyond

Demo: Government Revenue Timelines

Demo: Growth of Datasets Available on

Demo: Library Books Per Capita, by State

Demo: Linking Agency Budgets and New York Times News

Demo: Linking USPS Spending and News

Demo: Linking Wildland Fire and Government Budget

Demo: Medicare Claims versus Interstate Migration

Demo: Multi-word Tag Cloud from Government Dataset Titles

Demo: Net Interstate Migration 2004 to 2008

Demo: Public Company Bankruptcy Cases, Fiscal Year 2009

Demo: Public Housing Stimulus Funds versus Section 8 Units by State, 2009

Demo: Semantic Search of the Data-gov Catalog

Demo: State Adjusted Gross Income Versus Medicare Claims (2007)

Demo: U.S. Residential Energy Consumption by Appliance Type, 2005

Demo: US Agency Budget Browser

Demo: US Global Foreign Aid, 1947-2008

Demo: US Government Agencies' Contributions at

Demo: US and UK Crime Data

Demo: White House Visitation Social Network

  • Description: This demo tries to visualize the network of White House visitors and the people whom they visit. Right now it's still in development stage. The data used for this work is about the top 100 most frequently visited people in White House.
  • Live Demo(s):
  • Dataset(s):
  • Technology Used:
  • Creator(s): Xian Li

Demo: White House Visitor Search

Demo: World Eathquake Map (MIT Exhibit)

  • Description: This demo displays a world map listing recent earthquakes (in the past week) with a magnitude of 3.0 or greater on the Richter scale and a depth 50 kilometers or less. Clicking on a location shows additional earthquake details. Clicking on a property facet to show only relevant earthquakes.
  • Live Demo(s): [25]
  • Dataset(s): Dataset 34
  • Technology Used: RDF,SPARQL,SparqlProxy,Simile Exhibit
  • Creator(s): Li Ding

Demo: World Eathquake Map (Yahoo Pipes)

  • Description: This demo shows a map of the world depicting the locations of all earthquakes of magnitude greater than 3.0, dph of less than 50 miles, over the previous seven days. Clicking on a location shows additional details.
  • Live Demo(s): [26]
  • Dataset(s): Dataset 34
  • Technology Used: Yahoo! Pipes,SparqlProxy
  • Creator(s): Li Ding

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