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  • name: Devin Gaffney


My Data-gov Experience

Week 1: Jan 4th- Jan 8th

  • Learn basic infrastructure of TWC in terms of technology used, personnel, work being done, objectives for group
  • Read through SPARQL, RDF documentation relatively quickly, gain a cursory knowledge of how to use
  • Create wiki page RDF Dataset Specification for SPARQL queries, which highlights the FROM and FROM NAMED clauses in SPARQL
  • Create wiki page SPARQL for beginners, which highlights basic uses of SPARQL for new comers

Week 2: Jan 11th- Jan 15th

Week 3: Jan 18th- Jan 22nd

  • Finish Abstract for WebSci 2010 conference
  • Create SPARQL for beginners tutorial page on helping understand SPARQL queries
  • Create Triples page, which explains what the atomic unit of the Semantic web is, and how people from traditional relational databases can understand it

Week 4: Jan 25th- Jan 29th

  • Create Demo in Flex with Dataset 401
  • Write up demo tutorial for Flex
  • Finalize, submit abstract for web sci '10

Week 5: Feb 1st - Feb 5th

Week 6: Feb 8th- Feb 12th

  • Figure out way to pass parameters into Flex Projects, provide working example
  • Begin Templating Process of Flex StackAreaLayout generalized chart for data-gov

Week 7: Feb 15th-Feb 19th

  • Wrap processing applet into new template-able system for multiple datasets
  • Finish tutorial on Processing: Processing Tutorial
  • Pass off projects to Dominic, outline/workshop future progress for templating semantic visualizations
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