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The demos on this page are less stable than those on previous pages or relate to datasets that are out of date or no longer available. We leave these demos available for people who wish to see how they work, or cut and paste the Sparql, but we note that some may be broken, slow, or inaccurate.

Experimental Demos

Demo: Analzying Changes of Public Library Statistics (2002 - 2008)

Demo: Demographic Information of United States Military Service Members

Demo: Facts about Transportation Energy

Demo: Public Safety Information for Troy, NY

Demo: Search for geographic government data

Demo: U.S. Postal Service Statistics, 1926-2009

Legacy Demos

Demo: Agencies' Dataset Contribution on Data.gov

Demo: Agency Budget Comparison

Demo: Agency Budget Summary

Demo: Annual Outlays by Agency

Demo: Interactive Government Receipts Timeline

Demo: NSF GRFP Honorable Mention Recipients, 2000-2009

Demo: US Broadband Adoption in Urban Versus Rural Areas, 2009

Demo: Worldwide Earthquakes

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