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Demonstrations that use Google Visualization Parallel Coordinates Technology used
Demo: Demographic Information of United States Military Service Members RDF
Google Visualization API
Google Visualization Parallel Coordinates
Google Visualization Motion Chart
TDB Triple Store


  • Does not preserve order of rows provided.
  • Does not allow selection of line.
  • Can only draw lines one color; cannot draw lines of different color in same graph.
  • Long labels for the coordinates occlude one another. This could be solved by displacing occluders along the vertical axis. It could also be solved by increasing the width of the display, but the physical display size and resolution may limit this.
  • It appears that only one Parallel Coordinate System can be drawn on the same page. (you can not make two divs and instantiate two vizObj.ParallelC and get two graphs. It only draws into the first div it was given.

Notice the position of "O-10" in the orderings in the visualization and in the console printout:


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