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  • name: Guided Tour of the Data-gov Wiki

  • description: This article will guide you exploring the Data-gov Wiki
  • creator(s): Li Ding
  • created: 2009/10/22
  • modified: 2010-5-17



The Data-gov Wiki is a project where we investigate the role of semantic web technologies, esp. linked data, in producing, processing and utilizing government data found in Below are some objectives of this project:

  • to enrich the value of government data by converting them into linked data
  • to show web users the value of linked government data through applications and visualizations
  • to educate web developers building applications using low-hanging semantic technologies and web technologies

Linked Government Data

We collect government datasets from the and some other sources. The goal is to get them linked and thus lead to better value. datasets hosts 4043 Datasets contributed by 78 US government agencies, including 3223 Raw Data Catalog and 820 Tool Catalog

  • There are currently 340 translated RDF datasets
    • contributing 4664671825 triples.
    • contributing 19609 properties.
    • contributing 334072618 instances data

Beyond the datasets published at, we also found and converted 23 more government related datasets. See Dataset Catalog.

There are also 11 data sources, some of which provide SPARQL query endpoints. see Data Source Catalog
Foaf:name Dgtwc:sparql endpoint
Uscencus2000 Uscencus2000 Http://

Simple Demos (for beginners)


Demo: State Library Agency Survey: Fiscal Year 2006

  • It also shows how to use SparqlProxy execute SPARQL query on the converted government data and convert the results in appropriate format.
  • It also shows how to use Google Visualization API (intensity map) to draw a map view of the SPARQL results.

Demo: Agencies' Dataset Contribution on

  • this demo minimizes the coding efforts with configurable visualization web service ( its configuration file is in JSON). The service supports users to browse the same data, a list of pairs (name, integer value), using different views from Google Visualization API, such as table, bar chart, column chart, line chart, and pie chart.

Demo: U.S. Residential Energy Consumption by Appliance Type, 2005

  • this demo uses a sparql endpoint (TDB Triple Store) as SPARQL dataset, the FROM clause is skipped in SPARQL query

Demo: World Eathquake Map (Interactive Browser)

  • Description: This demo displays a world map listing recent earthquakes (in the past week) with a magnitude of 3.0 or greater on the Richter scale and a depth 50 kilometers or less. Clicking on a location shows additional earthquake details. Clicking on a property facet to show only relevant earthquakes.
  • Live Demo(s): [4]
  • Dataset(s): Dataset 34
  • Technology Used: RDF,SPARQL,SparqlProxy,Simile Exhibit
  • Creator(s):

  • this demo uses MIT Exhibit for visualization, and it can take either raw data (in RDF) or SPARQL query results (in Exhibit JSON) as input data

Demo: World Eathquake Map (Yahoo Pipes)

  • Description: This demo shows a map of the world depicting the locations of all earthquakes of magnitude greater than 3.0, dph of less than 50 miles, over the previous seven days. Clicking on a location shows additional details.
  • Live Demo(s): [5]
  • Dataset(s): Dataset 34
  • Technology Used: Yahoo! Pipes,SparqlProxy
  • Creator(s):

  • this demo uses Yahoo! Pipes for visualization, and it takes SPARQL query results (in CSV) as input data

Linked Data Demos (for linked data)

Demo: Agency Budget Summary

Demo: Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET)

Demo: Linking USPS Money and News

Demo: Agency Budget and New York Times News

Demo: Tracking Changes of Catalog via RSS

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