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Note: This page previews ongoing work in developing new demos or technologies for interacting with the data. We stress that these are under development and many may be unstable. Some run on servers outside the lab, and thus may generate server errors or missing pages. We welcome comments on the content and materials, but again stress that you should not expect efficiency, completeness or stability from these demos.


Experimental Demos

Budget outlays

Internet Use Statistics

UK gov data Visualization


US UK crime demo Visualization


Link Map to Pie Chart


these two demos are quit slow due to large dataset behind it

DOE energy usage

link data by state

Experimental Services


  • all services are still in test stage, so they may be changed
  • the service are lightweight, so do not expect heavy duty performance from them. please use small files and simple queries
  • please post issues and feature requests at


  • xslt - apply xsl template to an xml file
  • csv2rdf - convert a CSV file (with header row) into RDF


  • SparqlProxy [1] - run SPARQL query on a SPARQL end point and convert its results into different format good for Exhibit, Google Visualization consumption.
  • sparqlprobe - probe a SPARQL endpoint and show its statistics.

SPARQL Endpoint

We just built a SPARQL endpoint using Virtuoso publishing some converted government datasets for experiment.

  • (cautions: the SPARQL endpoint is not stable and the datasets inside may be changed. if you are using it seriously, please let us know).

Linking Gov Datasets

linked rdfa data search

ARC2 examples

You can find examples for creating and loading RDF as well as setting up a SPARQL endpoint ARC2 examples

SPARQL Endpoint

this is an experimental sparql service

Facts about LabsRDF feed
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