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In this section, we survey existing and potential datasets related to tobacco control study. The scope of this survey is not limited to tobacco production and consumption data, and we are also interested other relevant data. In particular, we are investigating how to leverage existing US government data published at data.gov.

Taxonomy of Related Data

We first draft a taxonomy to identify categories of relevant data, and then connect categories to real world datasets. The taxonomy inherits knowledge from existing systems and studies, e.g. #STATE System (CDC).

  • Behaviors
    • cigarette use --- (HINTS)
    • smokeless tobacco use
    • cigar use
    • pipe use
  • Demographics
    • resident population --- (data-gov)
    • poverty
    • birth rate
  • Economics
    • tobacco agriculture
    • tobacco manufacturing
    • tobacco settlement Revenue
    • cigarette sales
  • Environment
    • Sales to Minors
  • Funding
  • Health Consequences and Costs
    • smoke attributable mortality
  • Legislation
    • Excise Tax --- (have it)
    • Fire Safety
    • Licensure
    • Preemption
    • Smokefree Indoor Air --- ?
    • Youth Access

Summary of Related Data

status dataset notes
PDF. Raw data?
  • 2009
  • state-level data, cited NHIS
    • tobacco prevention and control spending
    • smokefree air laws
    • state cigarette excise tax
    • coverage of tobacco cessation treatments and services
  • data analysis. (i) claims. e.g. People on Medicaid and the Uninsured Smoke at Higher Rates than Others (Ages 18–65); (ii) grading ("A,B,C,D,F") for both federal level and state level policies.
  • visual report: state-based report card, state-map
HTML. Raw data?
  • 1990 - now (varies)
  • state-level data (based on state comparison report, more from other reports)
    • Behaviors: cigarette use; smokeless tobacco use (cigar use; pipe use)
    • Demographics: (resident population)
    • Economics: tobacco agriculture; tobacco manufacturing; tobacco settlement Revenue; (cigarette sales;)
    • Environment: (Sales to Minors; Smokefree Policies in-home; Smokefree policies)
    • Funding: OSH funding...
    • Health Consequences and Costs: smoke attributable mortality
    • Legislation: Excise Tax; Fire Safety; Licensure; Preemption; Smokefree Indoor Air; Youth Access
  • visual reports (detailed, state comparison, trend, tobacco control highlights)
CD. Raw data? region level only?
  • 1992-1993 ~ 2006-2007
  • state?-level data (from 2006-2007 sample data)
    • Smoking Status.
    • Home and Work Environments in Which Smoking is Not Allowed.
    • Cigarette Smoking Quit Attempts and Cessation.
    • Use of Cigars and Smokeless Tobacco Products.
    • Various Unique Items.
    • Attitudes Toward Smoking in Public Places.
Raw data. in RDF
  • 2003,2005
  • region-level data
    • survey (behavior)
Raw data. in RDF
  • 2000-2005
  • region-level data
    • survey (behavior)

List of Identified Datasets

State of Tobacco Control 2009 (American Lung Association)

  • source: American Lung Association, http://www.lungusa.org/
  • link: http://sotc2009.pub30.convio.net/2009/ALA_SOTC_09.pdf
  • This kind of report appears to be the level of clarity and summarization/abstraction that NIH is looking for.
  • Cites data from NHIS to claim: People on Medicaid and the Uninsured Smoke at Higher Rates than Others (Ages 18–65)
  • Provides a very nice summary of tobacco control.
  • Has several state-level tables and maps with clear messages. (Note: data is in pdf and not straight forward to parse)
  • Outlines grading methodology.
  • Provides state-based report cards for a score of attributes; includes short description.
federal level measures: 
* FDA regulation of tobacco products; 
* coverage of tobacco cessation treatment and promotion; 
* the amount of the federal excise tax on cigarettes; 
* the ratification of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

State level measures:
* tobacco prevention and control spending, 
* smokefree air laws, 
* state cigarette excise tax 
* coverage of tobacco cessation treatments and services.

STATE System (CDC)

   reports by topic provides a sort of index to the 4 kinds of reports:

   detailed report draws from 
      United States Census Bureau (USCB)
      Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
      Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey (TUS-CPS)
      Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS)
      Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)
      Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
      Orzechowski and Walker (OW)
      Economic Research Service (ERS)
      National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG)
      Office on Smoking and Health (OSH)
      Smoking Attributable Mortality, Morbidity, and Economic Costs (SAMMEC) online application  

   state comparison report offers raw data but gives bad requests

   trend report
       "The graphical output is not available as you have selected more than 5 states or more than 10 years. 
       Try selecting 1 to 5 states or 2 to 10 years to display graphs for the data generated."
       (even for the excel output...)

   highlights report
       Provides a state-centric report (html or pdf) drawing from all(?) sources available.


  • Tobacco Use Supplement - Current Population Survey (TUS-CPS)
  • The Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey (TUS-CPS) is an NCI-sponsored survey of tobacco use that has been administered as part of the US Census Bureau's Current Population Survey in 1992-1993, 1995-1996, 1998-1999, 2000, 2001-2002, 2003, and 2006-2007.
  • link: http://riskfactor.cancer.gov/studies/tus-cps/


  *   Region
  *   Gender
  *   Age
  *   Education (21 levels)
  *   Race
  *   Hispanic
  *   Marital Status
  *   Smoke 100
  *   Smoke Now
  *   Sad
  *   Nervous
  *   Restless
  *   Hopeless
  *   Effort
  *   Worthless


  *   Region
  *   Gender
  *   Age
  *   Education(11 levels broken down into 4)
  *   Race
  *   Hispanic
  *   Marital Status
  *   Smoke 100
  *   Smoke Now
  *   Sad
  *   Nervous
  *   Restless
  *   Hopeless
  *   Effort
  *   Worthless

List of Potential Related Data

Links to state cancer profiles tables, graphs, maps, and data. All drop-box centric and difficult/annoying to explore.
Covers many kinds of cancer, not just smoking related.
Makes offers to "Export data", but seems to only give data for current view.

Links to STATE System (see above)

Links to contact info for program and research partners.

Links to a list of intervention programs.
  (state cancer profiles already discussed; linked from Cancer Control PLANET above)

  http://surveillance.cancer.gov/statistics/stat_sources/ lists several other sources.

  FastStats is a query interface for SEER data (which requires signed agreement to get data).
  • SRP is the NCI lead for the annual report to the nation on cancer and in 2006, the focus was on lung cancer http://jnci.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/100/23/1672.pdf?ijkey=7gzxMw78EFM11MN&keytype=ref There are couple of trend graphs for lung cancer deaths rates among men and women comparing states with the highest smoking prevalence (Kentucky) to the states with the lowest (Utah and CA).
  • State tobacco control funding – info available from CDC
  • Clean indoor air (policy) – info available from ANR (Americans for nonsmokers rights)
  • Medicaid spending
  • Quitline spending
Mentioned in American Lung Association’s State of Tobacco Control
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