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8/rawhr +Raw nephelometer hourly average


A crash course in SPARQL +A very fast course to start using SPARQL
ANN: 4.7 Billions of Triples from Datasets +We have translated 116 datasets in RDF contributing 4.7 billions of triples.
ANN: Datasets Translated in RDF! +We have translated 16 datasets in RDF contributing 2,927,398,352 triples.
ANN: Demos for data +We have recently developed a number of demos analyzing and visualizing datasets.
ANN: TWC data-gov challenge (Jan 2010) +Jim Hendler will give 100 twc-points for interesting demos on (i) connecting US datasets and UK data datasets and (ii) connecting US datasets and NTY linked dataset
ANN: Upcoming Data-gov Hackathon 2009 +The Tetherless World Constellation will host a Government Data Hackathon on December 12th~13th 2009.
ARC2 +a flexible RDF system for semantic web and PHP practitioners.
Abe Fortas +US Supreme Court Justice
About the Data-gov Wiki +Summary of Wiki Project
Age +This is a feature that indicate the corresponding dataset is mentioning person grouped by age.
Agency +This is a feature that indicate the corresponding dataset is mentioning US government agency.
Anthony Kennedy +US Supreme Court Justice
Antonin Scalia +US Supreme Court Justice


Big Data in Healthcare +Use heathcare related datasets to show the value of linked data
Byron White +US Supreme Court Justice


CIA World Factbook +A linked data repository of the information in the CIA World Factbook - a reference resource produced by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States with almanac-style information about the countries of the world.
Charles Evans Whittaker +US Supreme Court Justice +CKAN is a registry of open data and content packages.
Clarence Thomas +US Supreme Court Justice
County +This is a feature that indicate the corresponding dataset is mentioning US county.
Current Issues in +Not all datasets in labeled as CSV/TXT are friendly to machine consumption. Here are our findings.


Data Source Catalog +list of online government data sources
Data on the social +leverage social power to process government data
Data-Gov Wiki Talk, August 2009 +The general overview for the data-gov wiki (version 1).
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