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3M +3M  +, 3m  +, MMM  +,


4store +4store  +, 4STORE  +


A Proposal for Governmental Data URIs +A Proposal for Governmental Data URIs  +, a proposal for governmental data uris  +, A PROPOSAL FOR GOVERNMENTAL DATA URIS  +
ANN: 4.7 Billions of Triples from Datasets +ANN: 4.7 Billions of Triples from Datasets  +, ann: 4.7 billions of triples from datasets  +, ANN: 4.7 BILLIONS OF TRIPLES FROM DATA.GOV DATASETS  +
ANN: Datasets Translated in RDF! +ANN: Datasets Translated in RDF!  +, ann: datasets translated in rdf!  +, ANN: DATA.GOV DATASETS TRANSLATED IN RDF!  +
ANN: Demos for data +ANN: Demos for data  +, ann: demos for data  +, ANN: DEMOS FOR DATA.GOV DATA  +
ANN: TWC data-gov challenge (Jan 2010) +ANN: TWC data-gov challenge (Jan 2010)  +, ann: twc data-gov challenge (jan 2010)  +, ANN: TWC DATA-GOV CHALLENGE (JAN 2010)  +
ANN: The RPI Hackathon '09 is approaching +ANN: The RPI Hackathon '09 is approaching  +, ann: the rpi hackathon '09 is approaching  +, ANN: THE RPI HACKATHON '09 IS APPROACHING  +
ANN: Upcoming Data-gov Hackathon 2009 +ANN: Upcoming Data-gov Hackathon 2009  +, ann: upcoming data-gov hackathon 2009  +, ANN: UPCOMING DATA-GOV HACKATHON 2009  +
ANN: data-gov session at TED +ANN: data-gov session at TED  +, ann: data-gov session at ted  +, ANN: DATA-GOV SESSION AT TED  +
ARC2 +ARC2  +, arc2  +
AT&T +AT&T  +, at&t  +, AT&T  +,
Abe Fortas +Abe Fortas  +, abe fortas  +, ABE FORTAS  +,
About the Data-gov Wiki +About the Data-gov Wiki  +, about the data-gov wiki  +, ABOUT THE DATA-GOV WIKI  +
Access points to broken links +Access points to broken links  +, access points to broken links  +, ACCESS POINTS TO BROKEN LINKS  +
Adam Bell +Adam Bell  +, adam bell  +, ADAM BELL  +
Afghanistan +Afghanistan  +, afghanistan  +, AFGHANISTAN  +
Age +Age  +, age  +, AGE  +
Agency +Agency  +, agency  +, AGENCY  +
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality +Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality  +, agency for healthcare research and quality  +, AGENCY FOR HEALTHCARE RESEARCH AND QUALITY  +
Agency for International Development +Agency for International Development  +, agency for international development  +, AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT  +
Alabama +Alabama  +, alabama  +, ALABAMA  +,
Alaska +Alaska  +, alaska  +, ALASKA  +,
Albania +Albania  +, albania  +, ALBANIA  +
Alcoa +Alcoa  +, alcoa  +, ALCOA  +,
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Facts about Skos:altLabelRDF feed
Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki.StringThis type is among the standard datatypes of this wiki.  +
Imported fromThis property is a special property in this wiki.skos:altLabel (skos)  +
Member ofHttp://  +
Rdf:typeOwl:AnnotationProperty  +, and Rdf:Property  +
Rdfs:commentThe range of skos:altLabel is the class of RDF plain literals., and skos:prefLabel, skos:altLabel and skos:hiddenLabel are pairwise disjoint properties.
Rdfs:isDefinedByHttp://  +
Rdfs:labelalternative label  +
Rdfs:subPropertyOfRdfs:label  +
Skos:definitionAn alternative lexical label for a resource.
Skos:exampleAcronyms, abbreviations, spelling variants, and irregular plural/singular forms may be included among the alternative labels for a concept. Mis-spelled terms are normally included as hidden labels (see skos:hiddenLabel).  +
TagOwl:AnnotationProperty  +, and Rdf:Property  +
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