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ScraperWiki is a web platform that allows users to author and edit python code to scrape web pages.

As an example, check out It offers a hideous query interface to select a set of "Quadrants" and "Blocks". Clicking submit will show a table of oil wells. Clicking on a well number will show its information.

The existing web page is only (marginally) useful to a human, and inaccessible to a machine. Why can't we just get all of the data?

Enter ScraperWiki. It grabbed the data about oil wells near the UK, and provides it at

How did the data get there? shows when ScraperWiki executed the scraper code that a ScraperWiki user created. ScraperWiki provides a code editing interface, so users can author and edit scraper code directly on the site.

The tutorial page lists a wide range of parsing utilities difficult formats such as Excel and PDF.

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