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Data-gov Wiki is not merely a wiki but a web portal with a collection of data and services. It is built on top open source code projects and it also contributes new open source code projects. The main components are the following:


Open Source Projects Used

MediaWiki and its Extensions

The versions of and the links to MediaWiki and its extensions can be found at Special:Version. To learn how we got the wiki infrastructure installed, please see

Here is a list of open source projects we used for building the wiki:


We use JAVA to build web services and process data.

Other Open Source Projects

  • We use PHP to build web services, e.g. web service converting CSV to RDF, web service executing xslt translation.
  • We use RAP for processing RDF in PHP code
  • We use MIT Exhibit to build applications.
  • We use Google Visualization APIs to build applications

Standards Used

We used several W3C standards in this project

We also used the following technologies

  • JSON for java script connection
  • RESTful Web Service Interface

Source Code of Demos and Applications

Beyond the above open source projects and public standards, the data and computations involved in this project can be found at

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