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  • name: Converting Governmental Datasets into Linked Data

  • keyword(s): linked data; conversion; csv; methodology; design
  • creator(s): Tim Lebo,Gregory Todd Williams
  • created: 2010/06/11
  • modified: 2011-6-15

NOTE: The URI for the tool described in this submission is:
and is described at:

Tim Lebo and Gregory Todd Williams submitted "Converting Governmental Datasets into Linked Data" to the 2010 Triplification Challenge. It has been nominated, and the slides for the talk are available.

ACM's listing is at

They created this page to provide supporting materials regarding the work discussed in the paper. Material is not being maintained at


  • csv2rdf4lod.tgz
    • java implementation of csv2rdf4lod,
    • supporting shell scripts,
    • lists of dataset identifiers,
    • sample enhanced conversion of Dataset 1450.
    • - materialize files to serve as linked data


the URI:

should be content-negotiated to obtain the desired RDF serialization (note the switch from "dataset" to "file"):
the URI:

(will) redirect(s) to the file URL:

See the Vapour Report of an NIH instance.

Additional reading material

Facts about Triplify challenge 2010 - lebo and williamsRDF feed
Dcterms:created11 June 2010  +
Dcterms:creatorTim Lebo  +, and Gregory Todd Williams  +
Dcterms:subjectlinked data; conversion; csv; methodology; design  +
Foaf:nameConverting Governmental Datasets into Linked Data
Skos:altLabelConverting Governmental Datasets into Linked Data  +, converting governmental datasets into linked data  +, and CONVERTING GOVERNMENTAL DATASETS INTO LINKED DATA  +
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