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This page contains videos related to the demos on this wiki made by students from the Tetherless World Constellation at RPI.


Building your first Data Gov Demo with the Tetherless World Constellation

How to use Dataset 32 ( in conjunction with a SPARQL query and Google maps.

Created by Devin Gaffney

For more information see:

Analyzing Political Topics Using Open Government Data

A step-by-step tutorial on using Semantic Web technology in conjunction with open government data from to dissect political issues.

Created by Peter Coons

For more information see:

Interactive CASTNET Station Map

A short video on the creation of an interactive map (with faceted browsing) of EPA CASTNET stations. Users can also read their average Ozone levels on the Map and click to see the actual Ozone reading on a timeline.

Created by Dominic DiFranzo

For more information see:

Comparing Crimes between US and UK

In this video I show a demo for comparing different crimes between cities in the United States and Police areas in United Kingdom. People can select different cities and types of crime. It is also possible to normalize by population, to make comparisons more "fair".

Created by Alvaro Graves

For more information see:

Study Supreme Court Justices with Linked Data

This video describes a demo which uses linked data and other Semantic Web technologies to study U.S. Supreme Court Justices from different perspectives, including Justices' voting patterns, their personal attributes and social background as well as the Court's budget over years.

Created by Xian Li

To see the full demo:

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